Manual/Fully automatic terminating machine for IDC Connector

– Parallel and crossing wires as well as loops or one-side wire terminations are producible
– Min wire length = 150 mm (Loops), 55 mm (Free wire)
– Simultaneous processing connectors with different number of ways, coding versions etc.
– Max Production configuration: 44 contact positions for Rast 2,5 or 24 contact positions for Rast 5
– Connector loading system without machine stop
– Terminating Unit with fine adjustment termination height
– Test device for the correct wire position in the connector
– Continuity Test (optional)
– Coding station (optional)
– Test device of the correct key cutting (optional)
– Selective destroying unit of bad harness (optional)
– User friendly HMI based on Windows O.S.
– Internet connection for remote assistance
– Conveyor guide for good harnesses
– Expulsion of bad harnesses
– CE conformity

– Power supply: 3P + N + PE 400 VAC, 50 Hz, 7 kW
– Air supply: 7 bar
– Air consumption: approx. 150 Nl/min
– Noise level < 80 dB(A) - Dimensions: 4350 x 3450 x h 2000 mm (h 2200 mm safety shield open) - Weight: approx 1000 kg

All data and measures are indicative and can be changed without notice. Certain types of extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if written within the indicated ranges. In case of doubt, KM Corporate is willing to produce samples of your wire.


– Max 3 Crimping units, with CFA
– Wire Feeding up to 6 different wires, length freely programmable
– Min. wire length = 60 mm (Free / Crimped / Stripped wires)
– Max. wire length = 1500 mm (Free / Crimped / Stripped wires)
– Carrier strip chopper (optional)
– Paper take-up (optional)
– Sleeve Insertion Unit (optional)
– Seal Station Unit (optional)
– Dimensions: 1300 x 2200 x h 2800 mm (safety shield open)
– Weight: approx. 1000 kg


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